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                                 FALL 2020 a BC HOLSTEIN NEWS 13
  Cow #98
Decreased Rumination
Cow #36
Sick alert
Cow #125
Heat alert
         Work smart and stay connected with your herd!
CowManager’s ear sensor technology monitors your herd 24/7 and is like an extra pair of eyes in your barn!
Quick intervention & reduced medical expenses
Optimized insemination time by combining heat intensity and heat stage with cow data
Management from your smartphone 24/7 saves time & labor costs Wireless system. Just plug and play!
Continuous innovations for free via over-the-air programming
System authorization of third parties through Multiview
Integration with management systems leads to more detailed alerts and efficient decision process
More information at CowManager is available at
Select Sires GenerVations
T (519) 535-0944
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