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                    BC Giveaway series receives over 32,000 entries resulting in a $20,000 donation to Food Banks BC
Over the summer we featured local food businesses and highlighted locally made dairy products like cheese, milk, ice cream and much more.
contest entry to Food Banks BC up to $20,000 (inclusive of the entire campaign). With over 32,000 entries received, BC dairy farmers are proud to have reached this goal to support families and communities across BC.
To amplify the message, 15 local businesses were featured through a weekly giveaway series on Instagram from June 18 to August 12.
To learn more about the businesses featured
in the series visit:
To further support our communities, BC dairy farmers pledged to donate $1 for every
Perfect Pairings campaign raises the profile of BC cheese
Like a creamy slice of brie with a chilled glass of Riesling, good things come in pairs. Which is why BC cheese artisans and local BC wineries and breweries made the perfect pair this summer in BCDA’s Perfect Pairings campaign.
encouraged campers and cabin goers to check out nearby cheesemakers and other local artisans.
Featuring Emma of Golden Ears Cheesecrafters and Raymond of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, the campaign aimed at increasing awareness and trial of BC cheese. Five animated videos ran on TV, online and on social media. Digital billboards placed on Highway 1
To further support awareness and trial of BC cheese, 19 different wineries and breweries promoted BC cheese online and in-store by providing customers with a complimentary cheese with the purchase of qualifying wine or beer.
For more information about the campaign or how to pair cheese with wine or beer visit:
BC Dairy Association 3236 Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K4
Tel: 604.294.3775
Toll free in BC: 1.800.242.MILK [6455]
Milk, at the Heart of a Healthy Community!

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