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 Are Health Care Costs Giving You a Headache?
   By Andrew Block, CEBS
Delta Pacific Benefit Brokers Ltd., provides Employee Benefits Plans for producers through Proventus
50% of Canadians ‘live paycheque to paycheque’ with no savings for extra expenses, according to a 2019 Angus Reid poll. Choosing between paying for prescription drugs or basic living expenses is not a good place for an individual/familytobe.EmployeeBenefit Plans are part of the solution to the problem.
Just as stress affects the productivity of a milk cow, it also affects the productivity of the farmer and his/her employees. Employee Benefit Plans can provide relief by paying for covered health and dental expenses so the individual/family doesn’t have to come up with the cash on the spot.
MonthlyEmployeeBenefitPlanpremiums provide a method of budgeting for these types of expenses in a tax effective way. First, health and dental premiums are deductible as a business expense and second, any portion of the health and dental premiums paid for by the employer is not a taxable benefit on the personal tax return for either the employer or employee. Also, the employer typically does not bear the burden of 100% of
the cost, as
usually there
is cost-sharing,
for example: the
employer may pay
50% and the employee
the other 50%. When
one considers the tax advantages and cost-sharing, a benefit plan may cost less than you
When designing a plan, it is possible to have different benefits for the business owner and their family, for example: the plan can cover them for 100% of their health and dental expenses, while providing a different level of coverage for employees. An employer may also design the plan to provide different benefits or cost-sharing for some types of employees, such as the herdsperson or
longtime workers.
In addition, a well-designed plan will also help retain existing employees and make you more competitive when hiring. These are just some of the reasons why Employee Benefit Plans are good for business owners and their families.
Proventus helps counter the challenges of:
• Accessing Govt programs and funding
• People management / succession planning • Human resource and benefit planning
• Farm profit maximization
• Managing growth or opportunities
Through comprehensive analysis and plans to work with your current on Farm providers where possible. Proventus was founded
by farmers for farmers to bring unbiased professional resources together under one umbrella.
Call Proventus for the help you need.
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