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ß A Peek into the Past ß Okanagan Dairy History
Fall Fair 1932 and Much More
 By Mike Yusko,
BC Dairy Historical Society @bcdhs
The BC Dairy Historical Society continues to collect and preserve dairy historical materials from all areas of the province. The most recent project was digitizing “THE CREAM COLLECTOR” magazine, with the heading “WE ARE NOT MILKING COWS FOR HONOR AND GLORY,” first published in 1927 by the Okanagan and its successor, the Shuswap Okanagan Creamery Cooperative (SODICA). In 1927, the dairy industry in the Shuswap Okanagan was growing and dairy farmers wanted to improve their cows and their farming practices. Most farms did not have electricity and radio was in its infancy. Word of mouth and farmer meetings were slow to get relevant information to dairy farmers. Everard Clarke, manager of the cooperative, decided to publish a magazinetoprovidedairyfarmerswith news and technical information as well as advertisements. In the middle of the first edition was a column titled:
“The Cream Collector” Duty
With each cream cheque will go a copy of “The Cream Collector,” which will be printed with a view to helping along the Creamery and its patrons; advertising will be taken at the following rates: Fifteen words free, and a charge of one cent per word after that.
During the past year, several patrons have expressed a desire for something of the kind wherein information of interest to our patrons could be discussed.
If you have anything to sell, or wish to purchase anything, put in an ad, and approximately five hundred men in the same line of business will read it.
If you have any news or ideas which would be of general interest, advise the office of the Creamery, Box 727, Vernon.
The conviction that dairying in the Okanagan is on the eve of an era of greater prosperity as the year 1926 closes, has become general. So obvious to all are the multiplicity of signs, that leaders whose opinions are to be relied upon predict a period
of expansion in dairying unparalleled in Okanagan history.
This is not altogether unexpected in view of the success achieved by the Co-operative Creamery during 1926. Our co-operative Association has claimed the attention of dairymen from all of Canada, and the patrons and shareholders have just reason for pride in the past record of their Creamery.
   In the following editions, you can find subjects such as “Feed and Feeding” and “From Tit to Cream Cheque” that provided advice for butterfat production and producing quality cream. There are editorials and poems. Stories about the daily life on Okanagan Shuswap dairy farms Each issue has
of the needs of dairy farmers and costs of items at the time of
publication. It was a very practical support for dairy farmers. Some editions have summaries
from the cow testing associations.
A special edition, published in September 1932, covered events of the Armstrong Fall Fair (see
cover photo). All online editions are PDFs that can be searched using the web search engines. Editions can be downloaded to eBooks, Kindle, or any
digital PDF reader.
The digitization project was carried out by the BC Dairy Historical Society in cooperation with the
BC History Digitization Program, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
at UBC. Editions were collected from the archives of the BCDHS
and from the Vernon Museum and Archives. Several issues are missing from the compilation, so if anyone has any of the missing editions, BCDHS would love to digitize them, so they can be added to the online collection. You can view, download, and search by linking to http://www.
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