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BC HOLSTEIN NEWS a FALL 2020 Tars’Tale-Spins
Tars Cheema
Wow – you certainly don’t need me to tell you how abnormal Covid has made 2020! By now, we’ve all had time to adjust to the ‘new normal,’ and it’s not ideal... Like all of you, we’re missing the events with our dairy community.
When Kash’s father passed in June, the strict Covid lock-down measures had thankfully eased enough for us to have a decent family gathering to commemorate his life and share in the memories together with a fewothers.Asawell-knownandrespectedelderin the Punjabi community, his passing would have been recognized with a massive gathering in a non-Covid time. But the simple family union afforded us a unique opportunity to focus quietly on his life, actions and lessons, without all the mass community production.
Kewal Bains was an immigrant who raised his family in Lake Cowichan on the earnings of his sawmill job as a lumber grader. He spent little time dwelling on his early hardships, and chose instead to revel in the great adventures, educational and career pursuits of his 13 grandchildren. He wasn’t one to tell them how or what to do – he simply welcomed their visits and lavished them with attention. Interested in every thing they were doing, he didn’t judge (not much anyway) and in this way, he spurred on their enthusiasm and built a bridge that crossed generations, cultures, languages and communication technologies. He brought out the excitement and ambition of youth and recharged his own heart in the process. I got to witness his examples over 30+ years and learn from the sidelines.
  Got Youth? Get Excited!
   The same exuberance that my Father-in-law brought out in his grandkids, I found myself exposed to as I spoke with the New Entrants chosen by the NEP Committee this summer. You will find their introductions on the following page. These are compelling young people who all discovered dairy farming as teens, and it started a chronic inflammation! In all cases, these young people have demonstrated work ethic, determination and ambition! And they’re smart. They have done their homework to know their numbers – financially, they know they need sharp pencils to make it work – and that still didn’t deter them!
But what really leaves me smiling is the cork- popping excitement they have, even with understanding what they have signed up for. I’m convinced that the energy and new ideas fostered by young people can only add to the vitality of our industry. We need newcomers with new ideas. We need young people who love this industry to build it, retool it, improve it.
Speaking of young people
inflamed with dairy excitement,
here’s a shout-out to all the 4-H
kids across BC whose normal
summer show season was so
diminished. It was heartening
to learn of so many small 4-H
shows taking place in outdoor settings, with the appropriate Covid precautions. Achievement days and
small competitions never meant so much, with all the big fairs cancelled. There are so many benefits that the 4-H experience generates, I’m happy to see so many clubs make the best of a tough situation. Thanks to the clubs, leaders and reporters for sharing their 4-H results with us. Check it all out on the 4-H pages – 46-48.
Before you tease me for liking pumpkin spice coffees in the Fall, just remember how much BC milk I’m drinking! Cheers!
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