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Club Reporter: Lucas Bosma
Group shot of the 11 kids that showed calves on Achievement Day, along with leaders, and members that did not show but came to support their club. They wore masks for the pictures!
Why do cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lactose.
The Chilliwack Dairy and Beef club held a Dairy Achievement Day on Saturday, August 22 at Vedderlea Farm, Abbotsford, where a total of 11 members participated. Our announcer Quin Bosma provided some unique bios on each member as they entered the ring. Many thanks to our judge for the day, Jill Hoeppner, who took time to explain her reasons to each member and gave tips on how to improve.
In pre-club showmanship, Isaac Bosma placed first, followed by Ezra Bosma in second. In calf placings, VEDDERLEA KINGPIN BONBON, shown by Ezra Bosma placed first, followed by VEDDERLEA APPS BUBBLEGUM, shown by Isaac Bosma.
Willem Klop earned the title of Junior Showman, while Hayden Thompson followed as Reserve Junior Showman. Owen Bosma
Hello everyone! We didn’t go to the fairs this summer, so we had our Achievement Day at Sam and Brenda Tolsma’s very
nice property. We’d like to thank them for hosting our Achievement Day. Now for our Achievement Day winners:
Kyle Vaandrager, Senior Showman Janessa Vaandrager, Intermediate Showman
Celina Vaandrager, Junior Showman
Achievement Day Champion Calves
(L-R) Skylar Westenenk with Reserve BENCO MISSA SIDEKICK, and Anneka Westenenk with Champion BENCO SOAR SKYHIGH.
Senior Showmanship winners on Achievement Day: (L-R) Reserve Anna Klop and Champion Owen Bosma.
took home the title of Senior Showman, while Anna Klop won Reserve Senior Showmanship honours.
Chosen as Grand Champion Calf was BENCO SOAR SKYHIGH, shown by Anneka Westenenk. Tapped for Reserve Grand Champion was BENCO MISSA SIDEKICK, shown by Skylar Westenenk.
The day before our Achievement Day, our club received coaching in both clipping and judging by Clark Thomson. Clayton Bosma was named top Junior Judge and Anna Klop was named top Senior Judge.
We would like to thank Richard and Judy Bosma for hosting our event and our club leaders Andrea VandenBrink, Clark Thomson and Mark Bosma for assisting us in our efforts to improve our cattle skills.
What time is it when a cow sits on your hat? Time to get a new hat!
Calf Placings:
Kyle Vaandrager, Senior Calf
Janessa Vaandrager, Intermediate Calf Elinor Hammersmark, Junior Calf
We’d also like to thank Michael Haambuckers for judging our Achievement Day.
Congratulations to Kaycee Meier for winning Regional Junior Speeches.
I hope everyone had a great summer!
Our 4-H season is winding down, not so many outings, but we got creative! Back in January, our club met together to plan the year ahead and elect officers. We welcomed three new members and some Alpaca projects. Unfortunately, severe social distancing came into effect shortly after, and our new members had to make the decision to not continue. Their projects were housed on another farm and it was not possible to work them on a regular basis. We managed monthly meetings in person with the remaining members because our members are all cousins! Our families formed a work/ play/4-H bubble and stuck together for chores and other family-based activities.
In the month of May, we gave back to the community by cleaning our country roadside. We walked a total of 13km collecting debris along Cambie Road. In June, we held an IMPROMPTU speak-off challenge for our club. We had a great time listening to members speak on topics drawn from a hat. Our Champ for the day was Jasmine Gossen. Members won chocolate bars, and gift cards to Tim Horton’s and A&W. On Canada Day, we joined other service groups in our town to participate in a very unique Canada Day parade. Everyone hopped aboard a float and waved to residents as they watched from their front doorsteps! This parade was the longest in town history, lasting two hours...lots of flags, smiles and waves.
Summer had arrived...and so did the heat! Four of our members have summer jobs at D Dutchmen Dairy, so we spent time with our heifers when we could, in the cool of the day. D Dutchmen Dairy is also our club sponsor. On August 23rd we held our Club Achievement day here at Daridelite Farm. Nellie Powers was our ribbon girl. She delivered prize money to each participant. Conformation judge was John DeWitt (aka Papa) and Showmanship
judging was taken care of by Nic DeWitt (aka Dad/Uncle Nic). Ring woman was Alexis Gossen (aka Auntie Lexi/Mom). Results were as follows:
Junior Showmanship
1. Levi DeWitt
2. Isaac Gossen
3. Caleb Gossen
4. Jonny DeWitt (trained a baby calf the week before and had some fun!)
Senior Showmanship
1. Jasmine Gossen
2. Owen DeWitt
3. Malachi Gossen
1. Owen DeWitt
2. Levi DeWitt
3. Jasmine Gossen
4. Isaac Gossen
5. Malachi Gossen
6. Caleb Gossen
7. Jonny DeWitt
Best Presentation (clipped and fitted) judged by Nic DeWitt
Junior: Levi DeWitt Senior: Jasmine Gossen
Champion Calf and $100 was won by Owen DeWitt - Congratulations Owen!
We all enjoyed a barbeque after the
show and would like to thank all the grandparents and moms & dads who cheered from their lawn chairs!
A year end party will be held in the fall for everyone! Best wishes to all clubs and members, it certainly has been a very different year. Hope all is well with you all!
Report submitted by: Joni DeWitt, club leader
   A big “Hey!” from the Eagle Valley 4-H club in Sicamous!
Club Reporter: Olivia Dueck

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