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Club Reporter: Cheyanne Haak
Well done
  4-H'ers! Learning to make Lemonade from Lemons in 2020!
This has been a weird year for our 4-H club. At first, we were not able to do a lot of our activities; however, as summer started, we were able to do a couple of things while still social distancing. Our first club activity happened at the end of June. We did a field day with our club. We were able to learn about clipping, showmanship, and learn about the differences in the type of hay we use at shows. To keep the social distancing, we had to split the club into two groups and do them on two different days.
There were a lot of fairs and shows that canceled because of Covid-19, but a few of our club members were able to take part in a couple of shows. Some of our members headed to Abbotsford to go to Agrifair! Our club did very well there. The winners of the show in our club where Allyson McAvoy, Junior Champion Showman; Ashlee McAvoy, Intermediate Champion Showman; Riley Harris, Reserve Intermediate Showman; Kassi Archambault, Senior Champion Showman; Allyson McAvoy, Champion calf; and Evelyn Harris, Reserve Champion Calf. Everyone also did a great job in the clipping competition. Mathew Whener placed third as a Junior clipper, Allyson
McAvoy was first Intermediate clipper, Kassi Archambault was second Senior clipper, and Ashlee McAvoy was first Senior clipper.
A few of our members also participated in the online show that Chilliwack fair hosted. This was an interesting alternative to competing in person. Competitors had to submit a video of themselves walking their calf as if they were in the show ring. The members that participated in this event also did very well. In calf placing for Intermediate and younger, Evelyn Harris was first, Riley Harris was second, and Katie Cyr placed third. For Senior calf placing Allyson McAvoy placed first, Kassi Archambault placed second, and Hannah Peterson was third. In the Showmanship competition Kassi Archambault was first, Ashlee McAvoy second, while Hannah Peterson was fourth and Riley Harris placed fifth. In the Junior competition, it was a Milky Way sweep with Allyson McAvoy placing first, Matthew Whener second, Evelyn Harris third, Katie Cyr fourth, and Mackenzie Gyorkos fifth.
We finished off our 4-H year with our Achievement Day show. This is a four- day event. In order to be able to properly
social distance this year, we split the club into four teams named after the Hawaiian Islands: Team Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai. We competed with stall competitions, clipping competition, showmanship, and conformation. These different competitions scored points for your team and at the end of the weekend it was revealed which team won. Our theme this year was “Tiki Gals and Tiki Pals.” The winning team of this year’s achievement day was team Oahu. We also had a hilarious lip sync battle between teams, which team Hawaii won with the Barbie song, “Queen of the Waves.” We also had a dress up our cow class as part of the show. A few of our members had sick calves so they dressed each other up and walked around the show ring as bacon and eggs! Part of our achievement day weekend was also to present our education boards. All of our club members did an excellent job at their presentations. With so many fairs being cancelled our club members were really missing the fair food. Thanks to some awesome parents, we got a little taste of the fair through our Fair Food Friday. We had horse blankets, mini donuts, shaved ice, smore pops, popcorn, cotton candy, caramel corn twists, chili dogs,
1 - Stall decorations for “Tiki Gals and Tiki Pals” at the Achievement competition.
2 - Milky Way’s Achievement Day show.
3 - Michael Haak, on behalf of KODA, presents the Kamloops Okanagan Dairy Association’s Don Haak Memorial scholarship of $1000 each to Hanna Peterson and Pauline Ferguson.
and taco salad in a bag! It was delicious!! Achievement day was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot!
When achievement day was over, we had an outdoor year-end awards ceremony to celebrate everyone’s achievements, and when that was over, we floated down the river.
A couple of our club members, Hannah Peterson and Pauline Ferguson graduated this year and we were able to celebrate this with them by sending them off with a laundry basked filled with great things for them to take to college with them. The other exciting thing that happened to them was that they were both awarded the Kamloops Okanagan Dairy Association’s Don Haak memorial scholarship of $1000.
So, like I said this year has been a weird year for 4-H, but we were still able to learn and show while being safe and social distancing! Now to get those record books done...!
What does the farmer say to the cows at night?
It's pasture bedtime.
Club reporter: Charis Kampman
  On June 13 we had a socially distanced Field Day with our club. It was nice to see our friends again! We all worked hard with our calves and really hoped we would be able to show them this year.
On July 31st, we had our club achievement! Congratulations to Junior Showmanship Champion Brianna Langelaan, Junior Reserve Champion Tessa Langelaan, and Honourable Mention Charis Kampman; Senior Showmanship Champion Kristin Kampman, Senior Reserve Champion Karlina Postma, and Honourable Mention Lexie Kampman. Champion calf went to Kylie Langelaan, and Reserve Champion calf was Tessa Langelaan. There was also a Young Farmers class joining us: Lainey and Jace Kampman, Aubrey Langelaan, Kaleigh DeLange and Maliya Bongers. They all did a great job! Thank you to Danica Collier-Pandya for judging us.
On August 1st, we had Agrifair! Milky Way Dairy 4-H Club from Armstrong joined us for competition. We each had our own side of the barn and didn’t get to interact with each other. Congratulations to everyone who placed 1st,
2nd or 3rd! Thank you to Martin Rypma for judging us. We also had a clipping and fitting competition that afternoon. Everyone did a great job! Our calves took turns being in the Agrifair Drive-Through display throughout the weekend.
After the last cars of the day were finished, some of our Juniors walked around part of the route with our calves! The Lego Master Builders even handed out mini sets of Lego to us. It turned out to be a great weekend!

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