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BC Holstein News from 40 Years Ago!
 For those missing the 2020 show season...
BC’s Holstein Gold Rush
In the late ‘70s and into the ‘80s, Harry Bailey and Nicky Nakazawa (Daiwa Co.) orchestrated the purchase, testing, quarantine and transport of many hundreds of high-end registered BC Holsteins for discerning buyers
in Japan. It was perhaps the most lucrative time for BC’s Breeder herds and coincided with the introduction of ET and fueled its proliferation.
Japanese buyers and farmers often accompanied Nicky to BC to select cattle. One ambitious dairyman/cattle dealer was Mr. Hirano, pictured here at Joe Krentz’s farm in Langley on his fifth visit! He had purchased nearly 140 head of heifers and cows by this time.
While most cattle went to Hokkaido province in the north, Hirano’s farm was in the southern province of Kyoto, where he both dairied and ran his cattle dealing business. He was buying 200 head per month and his wife would manage the re-selling through Japan.

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