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                FALL 2020 a BC HOLSTEIN NEWS 59
Proven technology that provides quality sand bedding with a low level of organics and substantial bedding cost savings with minimal maintenance.
Self cleaning manure separators at reasonable prices in a range of sizes and applications that provide reliable, low maintenance operation.
With our patented systems, your holding pen, sort lane, and transfer lane can be flushed clean, 24 hours a day, with high quality flush water.
Our manure pump line offers a broad
selection with innovative features for demanding dairy applications including vertical pit pumps, agitators, mixing pumps and dairy flush pumps.
   Innovative solutions
for your farm!
Daritech engineers efficiency and longevity into everything we develop and manufacture. We’ve been helping dairy farmers get the most out of their land and
herds for over three decades. Our equipment is designed for low maintenance and less energy consumption along with automated PLC controls that can provide mobile system monitoring 24/7. This gives you not only piece of mind, but streamlines your day by decreasing energy usage without adding unnecessary labour.
Partner with Daritech and you’ll get more than just a single piece of equipment that might address one challenge, you’ll get the benefit of years of experience and sound advice to help you ensure the future of your farm.
   Pacific Dairy Centre
Chilliwack, B.C.
Mountain View Electric
Enderby, B.C. • 800-701-3632
For more information on creative process flow solutions and our complete product line, contact a local dealer near you ...

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