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                            BC Dairy Welcomes New Staff
BC Dairy is pleased to welcome Daniella Reid, who is joining the Producer &
Public Affairs team in the role of Public Affairs Specialist. With over a decade of agency experience working with all levels of government on behalf of unions and associations, Daniella knows what it takes to motivate government and stakeholders. She has worked to produce award- winning research, communications, and fundraising campaigns to help non-profits, advocacy groups, unions and political candidates become more effective in
understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research to drive public policies that make life better for people.
their work. Her public opinion and market research background gives her a strong
of export markets and new market segments, particularly in the fast growing markets of Asia and North America. In
her position at BC Dairy, Daniella will focus on strengthening our government relations portfolio by increasing producer engagement with all levels of government.
Daniella Reid
Prior to joining BC Dairy, Daniella worked with a Crown corporation on behalf
of the BC Government to encourage
the development and diversification
Sakshi Harsh
Philipa Dutt is the newest addition to
the BC Dairy Association in the role
of Policy and Sustainability Program Coordinator, working primarily with the proAction team. She has a passion for the welfare of animals and environmental sustainability. Philipa has a Masters
she has experience developing and implementing environmental stewardship programs and policies. Philipa’s academic background is supported by strong leadership skills and experience in customer service. Philipa strives to build a good rapport with those she works with and she believes in the power of teamwork and open communication. She looks forward to engaging with and working alongside the dedicated and hardworking producers of BC.
in Bioenvironmental Monitoring and Assessment through which she gained extensive skills and knowledge about resource management, science communication, and research. Moreover,
Philipa Dutt
Sakshi Harsh is a professional accountant who has recently joined the BC Dairy team as the Finance and Administration Coordinator. Sakshi hails originally from India and immigrated as
Sakshi loves working for non-profit organizations because they provide unparalleled growth opportunities and enable her to wear different hats. She looks forward to propelling her skills and experience beyond her job description.
an international student to Canada in 2019. After staying in India for over two decades and completing her Post-Graduation in Accounting, she decided to explore and study further. Sakshi holds a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting and Finance from Douglas College and aspires to become a CPA.
A key reason Sakshi joined BC Dairy was because the dairy industry contributes so much to the health and economy of British Columbia.
BC Dairy Association 3236 Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 4K4
Tel: 604.294.3775
Toll free in BC: 1.800.242.MILK [6455]
Milk, at the Heart of a Healthy Community!

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