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National Dairy Cattle Traceability Program is Launched!
 Efficient Dairy Data Exchange the
Focus of a New International Network
Dairy producers have long wondered if the data collected by various agencies and technology manufacturers would ever be efficiently integrated and used for maximum producer/industry benefit. Well,
that vision is coming into focus with the formation of iDDEN – the International Dairy Data Exchange Network, headquartered in Germany and launched in November. Lactanet Canada is one of the founding seven members. They provide additional details in their press release:
iDDEN represents the largest international dairy data partnership, bringing together milk recording organizations and national databases across 13 countries representing approximately 200,000 dairy herds, 20 million dairy cows (including 13 million milk recorded). The focus is streamlining data exchange between dairy herds, milk recording organizations and dairy equipment manufacturers as well as other dairy related organizations.
iDDEN was established to operate as a non-profit organization by seven groups providing dairy data services in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United States.
Managing Director of iDDEN, Reinhard Reents of Vit (Germany) states, “iDDEN will deliver data exchange services that seamlessly integrate on-farm dairy equipment and devices, plus software with national dairy information systems and databases. iDDEN is founded on
strong principles of data governance, autonomyandconsentfordatasharing. iDDEN has the potential to reduce the costs of data integration by having one solution to connect multiple individual on-farm systems and dairy equipment data sources,” he says.
Neil Petreny, Chief Executive Officer at Lactanet Canada, said the establishment and operation of iDDEN provides an exciting platform for future innovation, technology and service development. “iDDEN has brought together dairy industry organizations and major equipment manufacturers across Europe, North America and Australia to focus on solving data integration challenges.”
“Ultimately iDDEN is about supporting data exchange for data-driven decisions and innovative industry services that benefit dairy herd managers and their industry organizations.”
For more information on iDDEN, visit
     As dairy farmers embrace the DairyTrace capabilities systemandreporttheirtraceabilitydata,ain the
In October,
the national
dairy cattle
program –
DairyTrace. This program will manage all dairy cattle traceability data across Canada in a single centralized system. While the importance of the system may not initially be apparent, in the event of an animal health emergency, having a robust tracing system in operation becomes absolutely vital. Developing a national traceability program began in 2016, a common goal for both Lactanet and DFC, and today affects over 1.4 million dairy cattle on over 10,000 farms.
The Lactanet press release shares further details:
Alongside the traceability module of Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) proAction initiative, DairyTrace will support the dairy industry by protecting the economic livelihood of dairy producers, as well as bring peace of mind to consumers in the event of an emergency. As dairy farmers embrace the DairyTrace system and report their traceability data, a significant benefit will be state-of-the-art traceback
event of an significant benefit will be state-of-the-art emergency
traceback capabilities in the event of an or animal emergency or animal health crisis. h e a l t h
DairyTrace includes two new traceability tools; a mobile app and on-line database portal, that will streamline and simplify the recording and reporting of animal identification and movement. The DairyTrace program also includes outstanding customer service support, improved animal tags, and instructional materials in print, on-line and via video. See
Under federal regulations and/or proAction requirements, everyone who owns or has the possession, care or control of dairy cattle must record and report animal identity, movement, location, and custodianship information. “DairyTrace has been developed to provide dairy farmers with easy-to-use tools for managing their traceability obligations,” says Gert Schrijver, dairy producer and Chairman of Lactanet’s DairyTrace Advisory Committee. Adding “All dairy farmers will also have access to a one- stop-shop for ordering their tags and
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