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Winter 2021 issue in the mail February 16, 2021
Club Reporter: Cheyanne Haak
Club reporter: Charis Kampman
    On September 13, we had our wrap up event to finish off the 4-H season. It was our awards day, and it was a socially distanced pizza afternoon at the Pools’ house. Thank you for hosting, Julie and Ray! Not everyone was able to come, but everyone did a great job this year, even though the year was a lot different than it was supposed to be! We had a lot of fun together too this year.
We were able to have a great flower fundraiser in the spring and raised most of the money we needed for this year and
This year began normally, with team building exercises and voting on open positions at our January meeting. Thankfully, before the pandemic changed everything, we were able to complete our 4-H trip with 40+ other BC members, where we enjoyed getting to know each other at team-building exercises, a campfire, small groups and a movie night.
The day of our return home, life changed and so did our 4-H year. Fortunately, it takes more than a virus to keep 4-Hers from their projects. Ambassadors such as myself were tasked with leading online projects for kids to continue in this unique year. We hosted drawing lessons, gardening videos and participated in photo contests. I helped members with record book Zoom meetings, teaching them how to find the information they needed to complete their books.
With school cancelled ‘in person,’ my sisters and I had flexibility to train our calves when it worked best for us and the farmer we borrowed our animals from. It also allowed us to help the farmer’s daughter, a younger member in our club, with training her calf. Working with our animals this year gave us more time to focus on our own projects, but we were unable to introduce our heifers to new environments, people and surroundings. We did try to change it up by bringing a few people from our little bubble to the farm, teaching them to train, clip, wash and trailer calves. We were able to educate our friends about agriculture and about where their food comes from. I even managed to convince a friend who was a
didn’t need too many other sponsors and extra fundraising because we had way less activities compared to normal years. We would still like to give a big THANK YOU to WestGen, Abbotsford Vet Clinic, Postma Farms, JS Welding and the Pools.
Our club members would also like to thank our leaders, Sheri Kampman, Anita Postma and Megan Kampman, for making this year fun and allowing us to show our calves even though everything was different.
beef member to come train twice with me for the experience.
As our summer progressed, we realized the show season would be different from previous years. We were thankfully able to attend Agrifair in Abbotsford along with one other dairy club and a multi-club. We were all separated into different thirds of the barn, but hey, the show must go on! Even if the experience was different than a typical year, with specific wash racks and no club mingling, we were more than happy to listen to any rules if it meant we could show. Agrifair show was a success!
Our next event was club achievement. To make it a fun atmosphere (while following COVID 19 protocols closely), we separated our club into teams so that we were interacting with fewer members. Each team had the needed supplies to wash, prep, and decorate. The ‘teams’ approach also taught us how to work better with each other and gave each person the chance to take on bigger roles. On achievement day we got together on a farmyard lawn and enjoyed a float down the river around the property.
While I am in college now, I have not abandoned my 4-H related lifestyle. I have joined the Judging, Stockman (beef), and Dairy Clubs on campus. I also attended an Albertan cattle show in Lloydminster to observe how beef is shown and practice my judging. I have had some practice, since I am staying on a friend’s ranch, to learn about beef showing, washing and clipping. I plan on bringing back my new skills to my club when I return to train in
Well, this was definitely a unique year for our 4-H club, but we made the most of it. Our club had very few in-person activities, but we did manage to have a few events. We did a clipping instructional day, our achievement day, our awards ceremony and river float, and we finished our year volunteering to bag manure for our local garden club’s fundraiser. We also made the most of technology using Zoom for club meetings and to meet with different
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good year. This year has been a slow year, but I am glad that we got to do Achievement Day. Also, all of the record books have been handed in, so everyone completed
experts to improve our skills.
Even though our year wasn’t full of all the usual activities, we had a great year, and that is made possible by our amazing sponsors. We are so thankful for all of the different organizations, companies, and individuals who support our club through their donations and time! Thanks so much for making our year possible! We also want to thank our amazing parents for all their support as well!
the year. We are really looking forward to a fresh start next year and we are really hoping for a better year! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Group leader Nathan, Will, Rory, Weston,
Danielle, Maddy, Nick and Hannah. It started
out as a normal year at the PCW ‘small
group’ sessions in early 2020.
Club Reporter: Olivia Dueck
  2020, The Year We Won’t Forget
Hannah Peterson, BC 4-H Ambassador
    Hannah enjoyed working with her H heifer Marilee, borrowed from
Sunnyhome this year.
the Spring. I have maintained contact with members and assisted a few with record book difficulties from here. My ambassadorial activities continue, such as performing interviews, writing thank you letters and attending virtual meetings.
I would have to say that even though this year was made challenging by COVID 19
restrictions, it continued to be an amazing 4-H experience, testing the 4-H motto like never before. Being able to attend shows, the PCW trip, teaching kids online how to complete their record books, and educating city people on how things work on the farm truly made this year one for the books. With that, I say we flip the page and start planning our next 4-H year, 2021.

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