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Tony Vanderwal celebrated his 90th birthday in September 2020. Unfortunately, a grand family gathering was not held, but family and friends celebrated with Tony through phone calls, letters, cards, unique gifts, and short socially distant small family connections. Tony and Nicky are thankful to be in their home close to their children and Cedarwal Farms. Tony credits his long life to living day by day, working hard, and trusting in God. He believes he has received many blessings along his journey of life. His motto is ‘serving God and man by giving and teaching.’ Congratulations Tony, may you enjoy many more years of health, joy and service!
Conley John Dunn arrived a strapping young man of 10lb 6.5oz on the morning of September 10 in Vancouver. Parents Noreen and Jeremy Dunn (BC Dairy Association GM) are happy to see Conley’s healthy appetite already producing excellent gains! Big sister Nyla approves of her little brother and can’t wait for him to join her in some activities.
Combined Cousin Cuteness! Arriving safe and sound with social-distancing not possible, were Madison (left), and Libby (right). Madison arrived on May 26, daughter of Samantha (Hendriksen) and Blake Lechkobit of Falkland Dairy Farm in Falkland. Madison’s cousin Libby arrived on August 2 to thrilled parents Tara (Skwarok) and Cody Hendriksen of Hendriksen Holsteins in Delta. Madison and Libby are the 4th and 5th grandkids for gratified grandparents Bert and Rick Hendriksen of Hendriksen Holsteins.
      Carl and Joanna Barclay are happy to announce the birth of their son, George Auden Barclay, on July 11, 2020 weighing in at a healthy 8lbs and 9oz. George is loved by his grandparents, Bob and Tena Barclay of Maple Ridge, and Henry and Nancy Hessels of Dunnville, ON.
 Thomas and Catherine Cuthbert of Silvermaple Holsteins are pleased to announce the birth of their son, William “Riley.” Riley was born two weeks early on September 15 and weighed 8lbs. Proud grandparents are Ben and Suzanne Cuthbert (Silvermaple Holsteins)
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