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New Ideas Seldom Come from Old Thoughts

PictureLouis Schurmann and Dave Taylor – longtime dairy producer advocates and leaders.PictureThe Mainland Young Milk Producers – a brilliant, positive incubator for discussing issues, learning and interacting with dairy producers that share similar challenges.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own ‘stuff.’ We all have too much to do and not enough time to get it done. It’s too easy to stay home and just work harder.


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Erring on the Side of Friendship

L-R: Sherm Polinder, Karen Souter, Tars, Chubb Berry.
Nearly everyone reading this will relate to the unsettling months of NAFTA negotiations and the feeling of betrayal left by the new ‘Shafta’ trade agreement. People outside of dairy fall into either the ‘We support 100% Canadian dairy,’ or the ‘Get over it’ camps.

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One Family’s Relief, One Family’s Grief


I can still remember the big smile Wiebe Keulen flashed when he greeted our busload of farm visitors in 1990, before dashing off with urgency – this was Neveridle Farm. I had many great visits since that time with Art and Wilma and got to know young George as well, who was every bit as personable as the other Keulens.

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