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 Lakeland College Student-Managed Farm (SMF) - Powered by New Holland, started in the Crop Technology program in 1990 but has expanded to six teams related to the Animal Science Technology majors: beef, dairy, equine and livestock. SMF is a hands-on student-centered learning course, where students work together as a team to manage the college’s dairy barn. Students are put in real world situations, growing their critical thinking while learning by doing.
This year, the dairy team has 13 students, two instructors and the herdsman. In the dairy barn, we have the opportunity to work with some of the newest technologies - including a DeLaval robot and parlour, plus a Lely robot
problems and be able to follow up with the correct solutions.
Jeanette van der Veeken, one of two Transition Cow Coordinators: I’m from a dairy farm in Ontario where we milk 235 cows. My goal is to learn more about the transition period and its importance for the cows.
Hanna Reid, one of two Herd Health Coordinators: I’m from Ridgetown, ON. My goal is to manage our calf rooms, keeping them as healthy as possible and getting their average daily gain to 1.5 pounds per day.
Sydney Whyte, one of two Transition Cow Coordinators: I come from Ontario, but not a dairy farm. I developed a passion
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Introducing the Student Managed Farm
 feeding system. Students are involved with proAction, milk quality, and providing up- to-date SOPs. We also have the chance to connect with industry service providers during our eight months here, including our WestGen and Nutrisource reps and our veterinarian while also attending the Westerner Dairy Showcase and the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar.
Currently, we are working towards getting new heat detection collars for our milking herd to improve conception rates and to improve detection of ketosis and milk fever. We are also doing a trial on the DeLaval Evanza milking units to see if the decreased weight of the claws and design will affect production and teat-end score. To ensure the Lely Vector feeding system can keep the cows fed 24 hr/ day, we use Valmetal Comboxes (filled daily) so that the Vector can mix batches all day long. A new dry cow barn is in progress, which will allow us to keep a close eye on our dry cows, providing yet another improvement to the dairy facility.
Darrick Nicol, Finance Coordinator:
I grew up on a 370-cow dairy farm near Kipp, AB. Through SMF, I hope to learn dairy management skills, expand my network, and
L-R: Derek Wilson, Darrick Nicol, Brooke Jarvis, Kim Doornenbal, Nicole Pruim, Hanna Reid, Noah Van Os, Isaac Boonstoppel, Carson Klugkist, Liesl Peters, Jeanette Van der Veeken, Sydney Whyte, Kaitlyn Perry.
for farming through family, friends and neighbours that are involved in the industry in Ontario. My goal is to learn the finer details to keep a barn running successfully.
Isaac Boonstoppel, Reproduction Coordinator: I am from Grunthal, MB., where my family milks 95 Holsteins and Jerseys. I am looking forward to making new connections within the industry and improving the genetics within the Lakeland herd.
Carson Klugkist, General Manager: I grew up on a 110-cow dairy, milking in a double-eight Westfalia parallel parlour, just west of Rimbey, AB. My goals are to make sure my team is as efficient as possible while still maintaining great communication skills, as well as improve our overall cow conception rate.
Lakeland Dairy Learning Center draws students from all over the world, providing them with opportunities to participate in management of the dairy, work with multiple technologies and set/achieve attainable goals. The skills we develop at Lakeland College Student-Managed Farm - Powered by New Holland, will prepare us for more at the family farm or to grow into other areas in the industry. For more information visit, email [email protected] or phone 1-800-661-6490.
gain experience managing finances.
Brooke Jarvis, Mixed Farm Coordinator:
I come from a small commercial beef farm outside of Gladstone, MB. I am excited to expand my knowledge in the dairy industry. My goal this year is to update and increase biosecurity within the barn.
Liesl Peters, Records, Range and Forage Coordinator: I am from Ile des Chenes, MB. I come from a dairy, grain and beef family farm. We milk 100 cows in a tie stall, calve around 50 commercial red Maine-Anjou, and farm around 1400 acres. I hope to expand my knowledge on pastureland management and to gain experience with DairyComp and other computer record systems.
Noah Van Os, Hoof Health Coordinator:
I come from a 130-cow organic Jersey farm near Wetaskiwin, AB. I am excited to learn more about hoof health, various treatments and protocols associated with the position.
Kim Doornenbal, one of two Herd
Health Coordinators My family originally came from the Netherlands where we had a small dairy operation. We moved in 2001 and currently have a 250-cow milking operation in Tillsonburg, ON. My goal is to learn how to effectively run all aspects of a dairy farm.
Derek Wilson, Feed Management Coordinator: I am from a small town near London, ON and live on a farm that milks 60 Holsteins. My goal is to learn as much as I can and help get the college through the feed shortage that we are having this year.
Nicole Pruim, PR Coordinator: I am from Osler, SK and grew up on a dairy farm. One of my goals is to connect more with industry and reach out more to sponsors.
Kaitlyn Perry, Udder Health and Production Coordinator: My farm is located in Harrowsmith, ON. We run a purebred Maine Anjou operation as well as raise chickens, donkeys, pigs, and turkeys. My goal is to have a better understanding about production
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