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                18 BC HOLSTEIN NEWS ❆ CHRISTMAS 2021
  Whaat Week!
Our dairy community is blessed to have a gifted communicator in Julaine Treur who makes time to share stories of the real dairy life through her social media presence, even when this busy mother, farmer and creamery operator has no spare time. Her social media reach is extensive and she is a true force for good! Julaine posted the following piece online on November 20 and it captures so many elements of this extraordinary event – we wanted to share it again with all of you. Thank you Julaine!
Julaine Treur
What a week. A week of fear, grief, and exhaustion. A week where we ached for our fellow farmers grappling with rising flood waters engulfing their farms, forced to make impossible decisions, working round the clock to defend and rescue their farms and animals. A week of highway closures and bare shelves in grocery stores and fuel shortages at gas stations.
But also a week that showed the power of community and kindness and love. A week where people from all walks of life put themselves in harm’s way to rescue farm animals. A week where volunteers worked through the night to build a sandbag wall to prevent the Barrowtown pump station from flooding and pump failure. A week where complete strangers welcomed stranded families into their homes. A
week where farmers not in the flood zone added displaced cattle to their own herd, caring for them as their own.
It was a week where we worked nearly round the clock in the Creamery to pasteurize thousands of litres of milk for our community cut off from normal supply chains. A week where we witnessed selfless giving as volunteers found unconventional ways to provide milk and meat to the elderly, the housebound, First Nations communities, and low income families.
A week where our employees, friends, and families rolled up their sleeves to pick up more shifts in the barn, to help customers, assisted with childcare, and provided delicious baking and meals to sustain us.
But it does not end with this week.
With the threat of more rain looming, vast areas still under water, and dike breaches still being repaired, this awful tragedy is no where near over. And once the imminent threats have passed, the long and heartbreaking process of clean up and recovery will begin. Our hearts go out to our farming friends and their communities facing this sad process. If you would like to support these communities financially, the following link will provide several options:
To our fellow farmers: know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you so much love and praying for strength for all of you in this awful time. We know how strong and courageous you are, but please take care of yourselves too as best you can.
   A Caring Our BC Holstein News community won’t Community likely know that International Web Express in Coquitlam, BC has been printing the newspaper for about 20 years, and our Annual Dairy Directory for the last two years.
We enjoy a close working relationship with
their people – they are busy, but always there to work with us in any circumstances.
When owner Byron heard of the devastation caused to Fraser Valley farms from the flooding, he reached out to offer their heartfelt concerns for all affected, and
followed up with offers of support. It culminated in a sizable donation to the BC Dairy flood recovery fund. Thank-you Byron and team at International Web Express for showing your true community spirit and that you care about the dairy community beyond the pages of our publication. Good people.
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