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A Little Touch of Normal in
 Ann Louise Carson
Throughout the pandemic, we have repeatedly heard the phrase, ‘We need to re-invent ourselves.’ Holstein Canada demonstrated they are the Grand Champion of successful re-invention by recently hosting a National Show for both Red and Black Holsteins, a Gala for two years of Master Breeders and even finding time to insert a genomics seminar and other activities for members – all planned within 90 days and while respecting Covid regulations.
An important note...while all in attendance were clearly thrilled to be re-united in such a positive environment, the conversation on everyone’s lips was the distress of fellow BC producers affected by the flood. Hearts
were filled with compassion and a sense of helplessness.
BC was very well represented at this grand event, with three Master Breeders making the trip to St-Hyacinthe, QC, along with a few members to cheer them on, as they received their prestigious reward for their breeding ‘savoir faire’ and hard work.
During the Gala, President Elyse Gendron shared that the 2021 Master Breeders will be announced in a virtual event on Saturday January 15, 2022. Everything being stable on the health level, plans are full steam ahead for a COVID safe Convention in Saskatchewan in April 2022. Something wonderful to look forward to in 2022!
BC Master Breeders – Sunnyhome, Lavender, Hamming
L-R Standing: Dick Carlson, D. R. Vaandrager, Brad Carlson, Clayton Hamming, Brian Hamming, John Murdoch, Duncan Kennedy. Seated: Angela Vaandrager, Emily Carlson, Kristine Rietveld, Yvonne Murdoch.
T T h h a a n n k k B B r r e ew w Very Much!
     Mike Wolzen was happy to donate trucking to support the donated 100 T of brewers grain from the generous folks at Molson Coors Brewery in Chilliwack. One little example of people coming together to help others through an emergency.
This is just one little story that emerged during the chaotic week of flooding in the Fraser Valley. It started with an idea, connections between people, a common goal to help and finally, someone who can bring it all together.
The Molson Coors Brewery in Chilliwack demonstrated their heart for their community, upon hearing the need for feed for displaced cattle following the flooding in Sumas Prairie. Their call to CEPCO (Chilliwack Economic Partners Corp.) quickly reached Chilliwack dairyman, realtor and city councillor, Chris Kloot. Chris assisted in identifying three farms that were suitable hubs to accept and distribute the brew grain to farms housing relocated
cattle in their local areas. He was appreciative of the 100 tonnes of spent brew grain from the generous folks at Molson Coors to support displaced cattle. It took the support/connections with CEPCO and caring people at the brewery to make all this happen in a few blinks.
The last piece of the puzzle was trucking to get the brew there. Molson Coors contacted Mike Wolzen, who regularly trucks brew for other customers, to ask his assistance. It was a no-brainer – Mike donated his trucking and the brew was quickly on its way!
Thank you to all involved, who efficiently, kindly and generously came together to support the producers and cows.
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