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                30 BC HOLSTEIN NEWS ❆ CHRISTMAS 2021
Mainland Milk Producers Fall Meeting
  Highlights – DFC – BC Dairy – BCMMB – more
Mariah Schuurman, B.A., Trinity Western University
Mark Van Klei welcomed participants to the November 9 in-person meeting of the Mainland Milk Producers’ Association, saying it was his first time as chair not hosting a meeting over Zoom. MMPA will be hosting Gilles Froment, Senior VP of Government & Industry Relations for Lactalis Canada at the AGM on January 7, 2022 at 10am. An election will also take place to fill a one-year term MMPA board position.
BC Agriculture in the Classroom
Pat Tonn discussed the education programs that BCAITC runs, including the Pencil Patch which in the last year saw 1000 kids participate. She expressed that the kids were very interested in the dairy digestive system, and educators were happy to discuss the ALR.
They are looking to expand their educational programs in the future by including a 2-day dairy farm tour with teachers in summer,
Dairy, took a moment to expand on the key initiatives and future plans within the organization, stating, “We’re not just developing partnerships, we’re promoting them.” Among discussed partnerships, the Association donated $50,790 to the Breakfast Club of Canada on behalf of BC dairy farmers, and has been developing a pilot program to ensure that milk is in schools across BC. Investment in Western processing continues, as the Association has dedicated $1.5 million to Dairy Innovation West and is continuing to evaluate processing capacity in BC.
A recent survey conducted through the Association showed that of the 87 electoral ridings in BC, 34 have dairy farms. The role of this survey is to define the nature of the Association’s government advocacy and which politicians to talk to about dairy farming.
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Dave Taylor, BC Dairy representative to DFC, reassured farmers on the frustration of recent trade deals by saying, “We’re feeling the hurt, but at a certain point, the Canadian market will continue to grow and level out.”
gave impassioned speeches advocating for their voice at the Milk Board table. Janssens reminded producers, “Take your time to make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote.”
Zahra Abdalla-Shamji discussed the market
   Dave Taylor, BC Dairy Rep at DFC, encouraged producers to give constructive input to the Dairy Code of Practice, during the public comment period.
 developing a virtual dairy farm tour, and in-person farm tours which focus on innovation and technology advancement in the industry.
BC Dairy Association
A Member-At-Large position is up for election; Sarah Sache (incumbent) and Thomas Cuthbert of the Island Milk Producers Organization are on the ballot.
BC Dairy Chair, Holger Schwichtenberg, discussed the current market environment, and the role dairy farmers will play in continued development of the BCDA strategic plan.
Jeremy Dunn, General Manager of BC
Mainland Young Milk Producers
On October 13, 2021, the MYMP held an evening with the Milk Marketing Board via Zoom where attendees learned about TRQs. The MYMPs also discussed approaching bank financing and FAQs for New Entrants.
The in-person MYMP Winter Gala will be held Tuesday, December 14, at 6:30pm at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through any current board member. Provincial health rules apply.
This will also be your chance to join the MYMP board! There are four vacant board positions up for election.
Currently, Taylor explained, the UK wants greater access to join the Canadian cheese market and has applied to join the CPTPP. The Canadian cheese market is growing, with 3.3% growth in the last year. The loss of that market due to trade deals is approximately 7%.
The public comment period for the NFACC Code of Practice for Dairy opened November 29, 2021 and Taylor encouraged farmers to provide constructive input for the Code.
The Milk Marketing Board
Cornie Hertgers, David Janssens, and Kevin Mammel are vying for the two open board positions with the Milk Board. All members
changes, echoing farmer frustration that farmers are working with 80% of their market. Abdalla-Shamji discussed the coming February price increase, noting that DPAC advocated for the price increase to be on butter and suggested that the Canadian cheese market could not sustain the increase in price. Early on in 2020, due to COVID-19, the market saw a drop in milk orders due to restaurant closures. With compounding trade deals and early issues with COVID-19, milk orders and fluid consumption dropped. In the special classes, national production of P10 saw an increase since 2016 from 7.4% to 11.5%.
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