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 A Little Creamery in a Big Country
  Mike Yusko, BC Dairy Historical Society
Since the arrival of the first cows to BC with the Hudson Bay Company almost 200 years ago, dairy farming has made a significant contribution to BC’s economy. The BC Dairy Historical Society (BCDHS) has historical materials on dairy farming in most parts of BC, but little on the BC Central Interior. Articles written by the late Everett Crowley and the late Jim Davidson for The Butter-Fat May-June 1982 edition mention the “Interior Dairy Guide” written by Mr. Alfred Miller.
    Alfred built The Interior Creameries plant in Prince George in 1934. His creamery operated successfully for many years, drawing cream from McBride to the East and Hazelton in the West. He churned and packaged the Prince George brand butter. This brand was widely sold in the region and competed successfully alongside butter imported from the Prairie provinces. In 1939, Interior Creameries paid $30,000 to area farmers for cream. This would be about $600,000 in 2021 dollars. Farmers received between 22 cents and 27 cents per pound of cream depending on cream quality.
Alfred Miller
  Everett Crowley wrote:
He (Alfred Miller) has kept over the years an invaluable source of information on interior dairy news, the monthly issues of "The Interior Dairy Guide" published by the Interior Creamery at Prince George. This bulletin was sent for free to every cream shipper along with his monthly cream cheque. At one period there were 235 shippers -most of whom the creamery operators never saw.
In June 2021, the grandson of Alfred Miller gave the bound copies to the BCDHS.
The BC Dairy Historical Society is digitizing this publication for hosting on its website. For anyone interested in the work of the BC Dairy Historical Society, the Society is planning an informational event at the Annual General Meeting in May 2022. More information to follow.
Alfred knew that his
business would only
prosper if he had
prosperous efficient
dairy farms to supply
quality cream. Farm
families were arriving
from the drought
ridden prairies to farm
in a climate better suited for dairy farming than grain production. Alfred had a considerable knowledge of all aspects of dairy farming. He knew that a knowledgeable dairy farmer would produce more and better quality cream. In 1934, Alfred began publishing “Interior Dairy Guide” which provided valuable information on how to be a successful farmer and dairy producer of quality cream in this vast region with its climate challenges. The “Guide” also included local area news and activities such as Fairs, Calf Club News, new area arrivals, Milk Production Cow records and much more.
For example, the February 1941 edition tells of the 25 Mennonite families who arrived from the Osler, Hague and Swift Current districts of Saskatchewan to farm south of Burns Lake in the Cheslatta Lake area between Francois and Oosta Lakes. The families arrived with 44 box cars carrying farm equipment, livestock and household effects. These farms were successful and produced high quality cream for the Interior Creameries.
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