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  Specialized in agricultural migration to Canada
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Martine Varekamp-Bos, RCIC ID: R420799
    AGSolutions Field and Farm Services
• Precision tuning planter meters results in up to 99.9% singulation
• Over 250 meter tests routinely improved even new factory meters by 5%
• Our Precision planter options will improve your planter productivity
• We can inspect and improve the overall performance of your planter – CALL US
• Our fully equipped shop is always ready for your maintenance needs
• Ekotuning your tractor safely increases HP so it can handle larger equipment
   Matt De Jong Derek Bailey
Cell: 604-854-0668 Cell: 604-302-9407
[email protected]
Box 67, Matsqui Stn, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 3R2
 Precision Planting. Every Seed. Every Time! Check out our NEW website –
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  Complete Dairy Herd Veterinary Services Consulting Services
• Milking System and Milker Training • Herd Performance Benchmarking
• Barn Design and Troubleshooting
DairySMART Education & Training Courses Embryo Transfer & Genomic Services
 Wishing you a and a Happy New Very Merry Christmas Year in 2022!
Dan McDermid DVM | John Dick DVM | Jason Ricka DVM Phil Chris DVM | Beverly Chard DVM | Christina Lyn DVM
8451 Harvard Place, Chilliwack, BC V2P 7Z5 • Phone: 604-792-1501 • [email protected] • Follow us on social media: instagram @greenbeltveterinary • facebook @Greenbelt Veterinary Services
  Increased yields per acre!
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