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You Make the Difference
Gordon Bryant, President 4-H British Columbia Foundation
To our 4-H BC Foundation supporters, I can’t thank you enough for the help you’ve provided to the 4-H BC Foundation! Just think, in a few short years we have raised $1.5 million in support of 4-H BC members across the province.
Here’s the best part: Every dollar you donated in the past is still in the Foundation today, working hard and earning interest. Because of you, the Foundation can provide nearly $100,000 in earned interest each year to support leadership development and a love of agriculture in 4-H youth across BC.
Please read Hannah’s story to see the impact you’ve made in one person’s life. Now imagine helping one ‘Hannah’ every year. That’s what your donation to the 4-H BC Foundation does – it makes an impact year after year after year!
This giving season, we invite you to remember the 4-H BC Foundation
Hannah and Her Holstein Heifers My 4-H Story
given me the opportunity through three provincial trips and two exchanges to Ontario to meet all different types of members. It helped me to build lifelong relationships, gave me enough confidence to stand on my own two feet.
If not for 4-H, I am not sure who I would have become. I’m extremely thankful for the experiences I’ve had, and the impact 4-H has made on me. I wouldn’t change a thing if given the choice to do it all over again!
Effort and experience are apparent in Hannah’s focus with 2021 heifer, SUNNYHOME UNSTOPPABULL ROSALINA.
Pictures by Cheryl Lynne Peterson, Promise Photography
Hannah Peterson is 19-years old, a second- year Lakeland College AHT Student, 2nd Year BC 4-H Ambassador and senior member of Milky Way Dairy 4-H Club.
Hannah Peterson
My 4-H experience began in 2012. I was only a young kid, not knowing the difference between a steer or bull; heifer or a cow. Clippers, cow hairspray...these objects all seemed wild! I mean, who decides that cows get haircuts or the kids showing them should wear all white? It all began quickly to make sense, clear and black magic was for toplines and tails, your number either on your back or your hat.
These are only the bits and pieces. What matters the most is the lasting impact 4-H BC has left on me. It’s more than just a ‘cow program’! I was given the opportunity to grow. I was taught to speak in public - something I had struggled with for so long - but each year I slowly improved.
I was taught the meaning of perseverance. I struggled year after year, having lower placings, bottom half of the class until about my sixth year in 4-H. This taught me it’s worth it to just keep trying, just keep making your best effort. In my sixth year of 4-H, I placed in a championship class and finally got to see the fruits of my labour. I cried happy tears, was hugged by my friends, parents, leaders and family,
Hannah’s 4-H debut in 2012 with WABYBROOK PESTO TEE OFF
not a dry eye in sight. In my seventh year, I was determined to maintain the progress I had made and strived more than ever to do well. My first show went poorly, and I was quickly disheartened. What had I done wrong, had I regressed? I forced myself to push past and went on to have my best show year ever.
I’m now coming up on ten years of 4-H. I’ve had more heifers than the number of years I’ve been a part of the program, been in two different clubs, attended more shows than I care to count, but most importantly, I’ve been taught so many lessons along this way.
Not only am I a member, but I’m also a Senior and an Ambassador. 4-H has
The 4-H BC Foundation would like to thank dairy farmers in BC for your support over the past years. Our thoughts are with those of you affected by the devastating November flooding in the Fraser Valley.
We wish you a peaceful holiday season and a happy New Year.
Gordon Bryant, President 4-H BC Foundation

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