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 Live in the Present, but Remember the Past
Tars Cheema
Honouring history and our elders is important in my view. Many of us grew up devouring the exciting news of breeding developments that came to us monthly in the Holstein Journal – Canada’s premier Holstein magazine for eight decades. The first issue rolled off the press in April 1938 and it kept rolling until the last owner, our friend Peter English, shut it down in March 2019. Peter had experienced some of the industry’s greatest years of breeding enthusiasm, but he also witnessed the irreversible decline in the marketing of purebred genetics and the proliferation of digital media. Sadly, Peter died unexpectedly of a heart attack just eight months later. He and the previous owners and pivotal members of the HJ team have left an 80-year legacy of Canadian Holstein History – something that we can always turn to and remember ‘the good old days.’
I’d like to think that a little bit of the spirit of the Holstein Journal remains with us at BC Holstein News, in the form of Bonnie Cooper’s editorial contributions. Bonnie spent 45 years at the Journal, shaping much of its editorial content over her respected career, and we are thrilled to have her experience, skill and gracious attitude supporting us with her articles.
We hope you enjoy this reprint of the Holstein Journal article from October 1975, written by past owner Bruce Murchison. We shall look for other articles from the Journal’s archives to share with you in the future. It’s a small way to honour the work of the Journal team of years past, and the stories of our Holstein elders.
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