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Milk Quality Focus
Time to Winterize (and deep clean)!
          Erin Cuthbert, MSc,
Provincial Dairy Technologist, BC AGRI
Winter is upon us, and colder temperatures mean more stress on the parlour/bulk tank wash system to maintain the necessary hot water temperatures required for effective cleaning. If you’re looking for a nudge to deep clean the milk house and parlour, this is it! Before the first cold snap hits, check hot water tanks and monitor hot water temperatures to ensure that the milking parlour and bulk tank wash cycles are working well. Use a flashlight to check milk contact surfaces in the bulk tank, receiver jar and milk lines for residues indicative of cleaning deficiencies. See the Cleaning and Troubleshooting Guide for common cleaning issues and their prevention. When in doubt, consult your equipment dealer for help, and keep these washing tips in mind.
The important factors with washing, besides using the proper cleaning products are a) temperature and b) time. Have an accurate thermometer and stopwatch on hand to regularly check the temperature and time of each of the cycles. It is also important to ensure the cleaning equipment is reaching and maintaining these minimum temperatures for the Wash Cycle.
1. After-milking rinse (35C to 43C)
2. Hot wash (Minimum 71C; 160F) *Dump temperature for the wash cycle should not drop below 43C (110F) after 8 to 10 minutes of recirculation
3. Acid rinse (approx. 38C; 100F)
4. Sanitize rinse before milking (approx. 38C; 100F)
To stay ahead of cleaning issues, add ‘milk contact surface checks’ to your daily milking routine and monitor IBC results closely from milk pick up to milk pick up. If IBC starts creeping up, there is likely a source of bacteria within the system that is contaminating the milk. Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of maintaining a clean working environment in the milk house and the parlour in preventing bacterial contamination of milk – clean milk is produced and stored in a clean, odour- free environment.
When it comes to producing consistently high quality milk, being proactive, is always better than being reactive.
   1 - By monitoring temperatures and wash times and taking corrective actions, you can avoid situations like this.
2 - Pipes and joints are always at risk of residue build-up which impede milk quality.
Mineral, calcium, magnesium
Inking (blacking)
Milkstone or waterstone
White to yellow
1) Mineral from milk or water
2) Acidified rinse
    Film or deposit
White (water- stone) chalky to gray
Black rubber / grease
Blue – rainbow hue, varnish- like “apple sauce”
*Adapted from The BC Ministry of Agriculture BTMG Handbook
1) Improper rinsing 2) No acidified rinse
Reaction between chlorine or chlorinated compound and rubber
1) Using non- chlorinated cleaner
2) Inadequate pre-rinse
3) Too hot pre-rinse
Acid wash with hot water
Acid wash with hot water
Initial clean-up with equal parts of chlorine and a chlorinated alkaline detergent with hot water
1) Initial clean- up with a chlorinated alkaline detergent with hot water
2) Acid wash
1) Regular acid rinse 2) Use water
1) Regular acid rinse 2) Proper dry
storage 3) Proper
1) Use a chlorinated alkaline detergent
2) Proper cleaning with proper use dilution during each cleaning cycle
3) Adequate pre- rinse with warm water (35C – 43C)
4) Rinse before milk film dries on equipment surfaces
1) Regular and proper cleaning procedures coupled with acidifier rinse
2) Periodic acid wash in addition to the normal cleaning cycle
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