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Cab Comfort
    The new A-Series machines use Cummins Performance Series engines that comply with international Stage 5 emissions- control standards
  339 Sumas Way, Abbotsford, BC @handlersequipment
Rear Camera
Tilt Back Hood
increase in power, 20-percent increase in torque, all while using less fuel!
Leading the industry when it comes to innovation and emissions control requirements
Extended Boom Loader
Bucket Pivot Height Max 14’6”
  0% for 48 months 0.9% for 60 months 1.99% for 72 months NAME YOUR PAYMENT!
For more info: Bob 604-220-2174
Henry 604-850-3601 Ext. 226
Joel 604-850-3601 Ext. 225 Financing inquiries: Ivor 604-850-3601 Ext. 222
                Employee of the (Many) Months!
Originally from the east coast, Robert Waugh has spent most of his working career in BC. While Robert has not been a high-profile figure, his loyalty, reliability and highly valued cow-care skills have been respected and deeply appreciated by long-term employers – Dick Carlson (Sunnyhome) and most recently - D.R. Vaandrager (Lavender). While patiently caring for a convalescing cow at Lavender, Robert shared that he is looking forward to taking a meandering camper holiday across Canada to visit family in the Maritimes when he retires in the not-too- distant future. Congratulations would be appropriate for Robert, since his caring hands have played a part in supporting two Master Breeder herds!
             The right
game plan
always wins
Farmers around the world are drafting t t h hi i s s w w i in n n ni in n g g p p l l a a n n w w i i t t h h A A B B S S . .
A Sexcel® and Beef InFocusTM strategy
delivers unbeatable, step-changing genetic progress. ABS specialists create a customised genetic plan to make better cows faster
and the industry’s best beef x dairy calves.
A winning plan is a profitable plan.
              Get the game plan for profitability at or talk to your ABS representative today.
Profit from Genetic Progress
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 genetic merit

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