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        Senior Heifer calf COLONY FLETA WINNIE INCA. We were showing the Senior Yearling bull, Colony Fleta Ena Sir Cyvro, who had been second to Hi Way Royal Souvenir Dandy from Hipkin Bros. (Alberta) at the three previous shows up to Regina. Dandy’s showman, Gerry Hipkin, was always quite nervous before the show so we thought we would help that along a bit. We wrapped a small bale of hay in a blanket and walked it by Gerry’s stall and told him we had a secret weapon inside that would help us beat him tomorrow. I understand that he didn’t get much sleep that night and lo and behold, we won the class and the Junior Championship with Fleta. The Grand Champion was again SYLVIA PABST TEXAL, who won her 18th Grand Championship, spanning eight years from 1956 to 1963.
It was a lot of work for just two of us, but didn’t seem so at the time, although we did have help on show day. It was a successful trip, considering that we only had a partial show string with 12 head when there were 19 individual classes and five group classes. We won 20 top three placings in the individual classes and nine in the group classes for 29 top three placings. Seven of the 12 head were first at one or more shows. LANGVIEW CORA DEKOL JEWEL (EX) was second to her sister LANGVIEW TOPSY JEWEL at the 1963 PNE in Vancouver and first Four-year old and Reserve Grand Champion at the Pacific International Exhibition, Portland, OR. She was nominated all Canadian Four-year old that year.
In reflecting on the trip of 56 years ago, it was one of the great experiences of my life. Friends I made from several breeds (including beef breeds) proved to be a great help, when five years later I moved to Calgary to start the artificial insemination and semen producing business Western Breeders, now Alta Genetics Inc.
"The 1100 mile trip from Regina back to Vancouver was uneventful except for the soot which covered both of us and the
 At the National Holstein Show, Regina (1963), Doug Blair received the trophy for the best BC bred animal in the show from Ken Perkins, President of the Australian Holstein Association.
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cattle while we passed through the spiral tunnels again."
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search for the book by name or by author. Ron has written other books including: They Saw Red! (with a BC connection) and Polled Pioneers. Feel free to reach out to Ron at 612-202-1016, or email: [email protected]
'This book is a fun read and the historic pictures are fabulous!' Tars
Beginning with the earliest days
of the railroad, transportation of livestock was important for farmers, businesses related to agriculture and to the railroads themselves. At first, livestock was transported in boxcars to packing plants at major terminals. Once herd books were established for purebred livestock, shows and fairs became an important way
to promote. From the 1890s until
the late 1960s, show cattle were transported by rail. It was common for as many as 100 carloads of cattle to arrive at larger shows.
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