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For Everybody's Benefit
  2020 Safe with 4-H Progressive Agriculture Safety Day
Tanya Molle, District Safety Coordinator, Cranbrook & District 4-H Council
2020 was a year of uncertainty and change and our annual 4-H safety day was no exception. With the help of Progressive Agriculture and 4-H safety resources, we succeeded in keeping safety learning a priority by offering a virtual Safety Day. Members from four different clubs participated in safety learning activities like knot tying, mental health awareness, homemade stress balls, safety for young workers and a Kahoot safety quiz.
The Challenge - How do you get the impact of hands-on learning when the learning is done virtually?
1. Safety Day Activity Kits – send out an activity kit filled with materials members will use during the virtual safety day. Our safety kits included a rope for tying knots and
supplies for making a stress ball along with other
safety resources.
2. K.I.S.S. 4-H style – Keep It Simple & Short – it can be difficult to stay engaged during a virtual meeting, especially for younger members. The solution for our virtual safety day was to keep the event short with fewer topics and activities.
3. Maximise Technology – using things like breakout rooms, annotation and on-screen sharing can help to make a virtual safety day more engaging for participants. Participants were sent to break-out rooms to problem solve a safety issue. The advantage is that the groups are smaller, so it is easier for youth to share ideas and it gives youth an opportunity to take on a leadership role in the break-out rooms.
           The Unexpected Success –
A new way of doing brings new ideas.
 Never having hosted a virtual safety day before, we put the idea of learning to do by doing to the test. The outcome is we have lots of new ideas for how to share more safety learning opportunities with our 4-H members in the future.
1. Club Safety Officers connect by Zoom to plan activities.
2. Zoom safety check-ins similar to Toolbox Talks.
3. More interest in online safety and mental health awareness.
Why is youth safety education important in agriculture?
The list of positive benefits to youth engaging in agriculture activities is limitless but it is not without hazards. That is why safety education is so important in agriculture. Our goal is to not only teach our 4-H youth safety skills but to encourage them to become leaders in safety with their peers, in their families and in their communities.
         -H Youth enjoyed learning and engaging in safety activities at the
2019 4-H Progressive Safety Day.

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